Let's Be Fierce and Work Together to Fight Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is a new and challenging reality, but we have a legacy of overcoming tough times. This time will be no different, especially if we continue to support each other.  Share your stories to fight COVID-19.

#Fierce Acts of Kindness

People are doing all sorts of great things, large and small to help each other. Here are a few examples and other ideas that you’ve shared:

Surprise a Stranger: Author Roxane Gay sent $100 to 20 random people in need on Twitter. Amid the praise, someone warned her about possible scams and suggested checking the profiles. “I can’t CSI this,” Gay simply replied. “If people are shady, well, that’s between them and Beyoncé.”

Pick Up Some Groceries: Grab some extra food (or toilet paper) for shut-in residents. “I’m buying a modest amount of extra stuff to give to my nieghbors, especially elders,” Farai Chideya said. “Sharing is good.”

Connect in Cyberspace: If it doesn’t already exist, start a neighborhood group chat, phone tree, text trail or list serve to share resources and help each other out in a pinch. Some people are also leaving notes in mailboxes, but try to avoid touching surfaces.

Leave Some for Others: Keep reminding people to avoid panic-buying and hoarding more than necessary.

Let's Be Fierce and Work Together to Fight Coronavirus

People are emptying out stores all across the country, like this supermarket in Columbia, Maryland. (Photo: Michelle Trotter)



Let's Be Fierce and Work Together to Fight Coronavirus

Coronavirus: How to Prevent Infection and              Prepare for What May Come Next

By Sheree Crute

As the coronavirus epidemic spreads across the United States, experts say preparation over panic is the most effective and helpful response. “We need to continue to work together,” says Nancy Messonnier, MD, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.

Here’s advice on staying healthy, protecting loved ones, and preparing to deal with quarantines or a case of the disease, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other experts.


The coronavirus spreads in ways that are similar to colds and flu. It is most likely transmitted from person to person, within about a 6-foot range, according to the CDC. Development is underway for a vaccine, but it will take months just to test. People can spread the virus even if they do not have symptoms. The best steps for prevention are:

▪ Wash your hands. This is simple, but it must be done correctly. The CDC advises wetting hands in hot, warm or even cold running water, using soap on the front and back of your hands, between your fingers, and wrists. Wash for 20 seconds. (Hum “Happy Birthday” twice, slowly. The choruses of Lizzo’s ‘Truth Hurts” or Beyoncé’s “Love on Top” will also work). Rinse hands clean and dry.

Hand sanitizers that are 60% alcohol or more are the second best choice if soap and water are not available. (Purell and Purell Advanced have 63% to 70% alcohol.)

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ICYMI: Click here to listen to a Q&A with Dr. Melissa Clarke. Follow our social media for more sessions.

Let's Be Fierce and Work Together to Fight Coronavirus

How to Keep Children Busy

You’ve got it covered for summer, spring and winter breaks, but this feels a little different. The first thing to consider is that younger children and teenagers will look to adults for cues on whether they should be worried.

Try to stay positive and proactive as you explain what’s going on in age-appropriate ways. Take a break from the news — and work — to be a kid again yourself. Share your tips, and try some of the ones we’ve collected below:

Take a Tech Timeout: Get everyone to step away from their phones and gadgets to engage with each other.

“Visit” cultural sites: Take a virtual tour of museums all over the world or parks from the comfort of your home.

Have a Talent Show: Can’t sing? Who cares! You can lip-sync to your favorite songs, show off those dance moves or do an extra-dramatic reading. Choreograph something together, or just act up … in a good way!

Explore Your Family Tree: Kids love to hear about their roots. You can also adapt Family Feud or come up with your own game to test everyone’s knowledge. You can also use apps to ask questions in a fun, interactive way.

Arts & Crafts: This is always an interesting, go-to activity with interesting results.

Banish Boredom With Board Games: Go into the closet or high on a shelf and grab games that kept you entertained. Relive those moments with the young people in your life.

Try Free Educational Programs: Some companies are offering complimentary subscriptions.

Check Out Colleges: Students can use this time to take a closer look at colleges and universities. Go on websites to compare programs, watch videos and go on virtual tours.

Kill It in the Kitchen: Involve children in coming up with menus and preparing food in age appropriate ways.

Also see “How to Survive Working From Home — With Kids”

What Are You Doing to Chill?

Binge-watching, reading books, doing outdoor workouts and nothingness are at the top of many chill lists.

The Easter family is setting up the “Corona Culture Club” on Facebook for adults and Instagram for teens. “Starting Monday, we’ll be picking books to read, films to watch, artwork and design ideas to explore each day, and weigh in with criticism and witticisms from all who join in.”

Let's Be Fierce and Work Together to Fight Coronavirus

Do something nice for yourself to reduce stress, such as a bubble bath.

Some people are helping each other reduce stress and anxiety. One woman advised a friend to “listen to calming music, take a hot bath or watch a yoga or meditation video to help calm your nerves and focus on something else.”

“For the next 30 days, I am doing a gratitude or two every day,” Andrea King Collier said. “Encourage others to do so, too. It is a way to shift perspective, especially when you are feeling helpless.”

Kendra Lee also suggested: “Have afternoon tea. Call family and friends. Eat pie. Be good to yourself — always.”

What’s on Your Playlist for Fitness, Inspiration, Relaxing — or Even Handwashing?

Gloria Gaynor took to TikTok to share her #IWillSurviveChallenge based on her hit song “to help encourage everyone to stay safe and healthy by washing their hands for 20 seconds or more several times each day.” 

If you’re tired of humming “Happy Birthday” twice, slowly, the choruses of Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” or Beyoncé’s “Love on Top” will also work. 

What else is on your playlist for workouts, inspiration, relaxing and, yes, handwashing?

Let's Be Fierce and Work Together to Fight Coronavirus