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Kelley L. Carter

Kelley L. Carter is an Emmy-award winning entertainment journalist, who has written for publications including the Detroit Free Press, Vibe magazine, USA Today and the Chicago Tribune. A Livingston Award finalist, her voice is heard on airwaves across the country on radio programming including NPR as an entertainment expert, and she is seen on the national TV outlets like CNN, E! and the TV Guide Channel offering takes on some of the biggest entertainment stories captivating the world.

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Fierce Voices

Inequality Is an Underlying COVID-19 Risk Factor

African Americans are still contracting the coronavirus. During the height of the pandemic, we contracted COVID-19 at an alarming rate, accounting for up to 70% of deaths in some areas. Dr. Melissa Clarke is among the physicians who have been at the forefront of keeping us healthy on her own and as a member of the Black Coalition Against COVID. Click here to read more.

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