Even if you’re not a fan of gadgets, you’ll love BodyMedia’s Link armband-based fitness system ($149). It’s your digital partner in health and fitness. The Link and its lighter, sleeker sister, the CORE armband ($119), allow you to carefully monitor calorie input vs. output, count how many steps you take a day, log your food intake, create personalized workouts and measure their effectiveness on a schedule that meets your personal health and fitness goals. The system can even measure how well you sleep.

The Link uses Bluetooth-enabled technology to send information to your mobile device. Each armband has a unique four-sensor system that captures 5,000 data points per minute, measuring body heat, calorie burn and heart rate.

The company claims you can lose three times the weight with its system than you can on your own. Does it work? Well, it’s the fitness monitoring system of choice for contestants on NBC’s “Biggest Loser” show, and the company has a long track record helping people get fit. Odds are it will work well for you, too.