To recharge  your batteries, get in some playtime this weekend. (stevecoleimages)

To recharge your batteries, get in some playtime this weekend. (stevecoleimages)

Get serious about getting silly this weekend. It can work wonders for your health and help you forget the aggravation of the work week. The lazy hours between Friday evening and Monday morning are intended to be used as leisure time — a two-day, oasis of indulgence that offers us a chance to recharge our batteries.

Unfortunately, many women fill the hours doing household chores, running errands for family and friends and meeting other potentially exhausting obligations. Do what you absolutely must (grocery shop and banish the dust bunnies), but dump your routine. Save the laundry for Monday night and have some fun this weekend.

Play is not just for kids. It’s a powerful

mental health remedy for people of all ages. But play also has other benefits. It can boost your creativity and add a little excitement to your relationships. We’re not suggesting you hop on a jungle gym, but here are few suggestions for loosening up and having more fun.

? Make a play date: You might have learned how to do it for your kids, now do it for yourself. Pick a group of friends and cut loose. Play pool (or learn, just keep your sense of humor), go bowling, try miniature golf or if you’re really brave, find a friendly place to try karaoke.

? Plan comedy night. Laughter is definitely good for the soul, so check out the local comedy club. The headliner may not exactly be the next Chris Rock, but you’ll probably have a ball. Or have a comedy movie night with a friend. Rent or see something guaranteed to leave you howling.

? Host game night. Pick anything you think your crew will enjoy — charades, scrabble, bid whist, whatever. Just keep it light. Make sure it’s potluck and BYOB so you do not have to set up anything but a card table, napkins and cups. OK, maybe you can put out some chips and salsa, but that’s it! This shouldn’t be “work.”

? Stroll the seashore. If you are lucky enough to live near a beach, by all means take advantage of it. Sometimes we take local luxuries for granted, so put on your swimsuit and pretend you’re on vacation for a day. Build a sandcastle or just ride the waves.

? Indulge kids and pets. Children and furry family members are natural allies when it comes to having a good time. When is the last time you rolled around on the floor with the kids or spent an afternoon in the park with a puppy? Animals and children are the experts when it comes to having fun, so follow their lead.

Bust a move. The clubs may be full of kids, but there must be someplace that grown folks step out and have a good time around your way. Grab your hubby or a friend and dance the night away.

About Fierce Fridays — Tips for Weekend Well-Being

We each cherish those precious days off at the end of the week, but increasingly those of us who are charter members of the sisterhood of the stressed and overworked are losing our Saturday and Sunday leisure time to weekend work and domestic duties.

To make sure that you do something every weekend that’s just for you, we’ll be sharing a little advice to make those 48 hours a great time to recharge your batteries, bring a little good news into your life or discover a quick and easy way to improve your health.