Getty emb: Wides & Hall

Getty emb: Wides & Hall

When it comes to feeding female infants, the breast is best, suggests a new study linking the size of fibroids in adult black women to their exposure to soy-based formulas as babies.

The Study of Environment, Lifestyle & Fibroids (SELF) research is an ongoing trial looking at fibroids in 1,696 African-American women 23 to 34 years old. Based on questionnaires, 345 of the women had fibroids. In that group, those that had been fed soy formula did not have more fibroids than other women, but their fibroids were 32 percent larger in diameter than those found in women who had not been fed soy formula as infants. The soy-fed group also experienced a 127 percent increase in tumor volume during the study.

The research suggests that black moms can help their daughters avoid adult struggles with large fibroids by feeding them breast milk as infants or soy-free formulas such as Neocate.

Eating Healthy Prevents Ovarian Cancer

New research from Fox Chase Cancer Center reports that black women who “eat a healthy diet—one that includes a higher intake of vegetables, seafood and plant proteins and a lower intake of calories from solid fats, alcohol and added sugars–are 43 to 51 percent less likely to develop ovarian cancer. ontent goes here