Hats are not only in, they can save your gorgeous skin. Getty: Jose Luis Pelaez, Inc.

Hats are not only in, they can save your gorgeous skin.

Sisters have a long tradition of knowing how to rock a hat. Whether it’s a special Sunday morning outfit or a cute baseball cap, you probably have a few favorites in your closet.

This time of year, a hat is much more than a fashion accessory—it’s part of your protection from harsh, summer sun. In case you haven’t heard, our gorgeous brown skin only has a natural sun protection factor (SPF) of about 13. In order words, a little extra melanin will not wipe out your skin cancer risk or stop the sun from destroying the collagen that keeps skin plump and supple.

To be safe, yourself, select a hat with a brim that’s a minimum of three inches and constructed of a fabric with an SPF or ultra violet protection factor (UVF) of 50 or better. The first official long weekend of summer is the perfect time to pick out a skin-friendly chapeau.

l. Start with the pros. Your summer hat wardrobe should have at least one selection made from a fabric specially made to have a high SPF. Sun Precautions’ Solumbra Sun hat has a four-inch brim and an SPF of 100+ (regular clothing can have an SPF as low as 15) and it’s made of a fabric that wicks away moisture. $59.95, available in black, beige, or beige/khaki.

2. Get one for workdays. Sun protection is just as important when you’re rushing to work in the morning or strolling at lunch time. Check out Coolibar’s SPF 50 Bucket hat. It’s roomy and easy on hairstyles, as well as elegant, so it goes well with a dress or slacks. $39.50, black, blue, red, or white.

3. Go sporty. If you’re a biker, hiker, runner or you just love the outdoors, REI’s Sunday Afternoon Adventure hat is perfect for you. It’s light weight, has a coolmax sweatband, mesh side panels for air flow, a four-inch brim in front and seven-inch supplex cape in back to protect your neck and ears. $29.19 (on sale now), available in white, beige, beige/black.

4. Select a show-stopper. No summer sun-hat wardrobe would be complete without one stunning, straw hat. Luxury Divas’ Ultra Wide Floppy is movie-star fabulous and it has an SPF of 50. $39.99, available in black with white trim.

5. Pick one that’s packable. Since you are sure to have at least warm-weather getaway, Sunday Afternoon’s Verona hat is ideal. It’s soft, yet tightly-woven to achieve an SPF of 50, but it can be rolled or folded easily and pops right back into shape. $24.50, available in peach, green, black/white, brown/white.

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Photo: Getty: Jose Luis Pelaez, Inc.