Are you in love with yourself? You should be; you’re absolutely Fierce! That’s just one of many reasons that your most important relationship should start with you. Here are six simple ways to love yourself on Valentine’s Day and all year long. You deserve it!

  1. Make a love list: What brings you gratitude? Look inwardly this time, and think of all the things that make you great. Write them down, and put them where you can see them.
  2. Treat yourself: Do something nice for yourself — especially if you haven’t done it in a while. It might be a bubble bath, spa service, nature walk or stroll near water. Have you been putting off something you enjoy or a favorite hobby? Read that book, watch that movie or finish your fabulous creation.
  3. Make some music: Create your own soundtrack; it will make you smile! Think about the song that represents a pivotal moment in your life from the past to the present. Then compile your personal playlist to savor those moments.
  4. Turn Into a tourist: Don’t wait until company comes to check out the great things in your own backyard. Take a staycation, and visit local attractions. And take advantage of all of the activities crammed into Black History Month.
  5. Grab your girls: There’s nothing like hanging out with Fierce friends. It doesn’t even matter what you do — whether you meet at someone’s place to share a few laughs or you grab a bag (or two or three) for a girls trip.
  6. Change something in your environment: Frame your favorite picture, try a new candle, rearrange a room or revamp one simple thing on your to-do list. (Then put that list away!)

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