By Fierce Finds Staff

Heal splits ends, nurture dry hair and scalp, and more with these simple, powerful ingredients.

Stay-at-home orders may have eliminated your visits to the salon, but this just might be the perfect time to pamper your hair and give your tresses a rest from heat styling, dyes, perms, wigs and weaves.

It is also an important time to think about your health, so choose products that are as good for you, as they are for your hair. Black women are only 13 percent of the population, but we use more than 20 percent of the beauty products. Unfortunately, a study conducted by the Environmental Working Group found that only 1 out of 12 beauty products marketed to black women were free of toxic ingredients, so it is buyer beware.

What should you look for? Seek hair products with simple, easy-to-recognize ingredients (aloe, oils, fruit extracts, etc.), and avoid ingredients that are proven hormone disruptors. Rule out products with parabens and phthalates, for instance. Both chemicals have been linked to breast cancer, obesity and asthma.

A recent study also found higher rates of phthalates and parabens in the bodies of  black women. You also may want to avoid sulfates. They are extreme eye irritants and may strip your hair of moisture.

Take a DIY approach, or shop for products from companies that are committed to strictly non-toxic ingredients or product lines. Give these treatments a try:

Natural Treats to Pamper Your Hair at Home

1.Hemp oil. This oil is rich in omega 3, omega 6 and vitamin E, so it not only moisturizes hair and scalp; it also reduces inflammation, and eases eczema and psoriasis to keep your scalp healthy. Hemp in CBD oil form is expensive, so not a great choice for a hair treatment, but affordable products like Kriya Botanicals’ Hair Butter Crème combine Hemp butter with coconut oil to create a treatment that works miracles on dry hair.

2. Coconut oil. In addition to making hair incredibly soft and shiny and preventing spit ends, coconut oil helps keep your scalp stay healthy because it fights fungal infections (a higher risk with wigs and weaves) and calms irritation. To do an easy DIY deep condition treatment, just warm it to room temperature (so that it is not solid), and rub it generously into hair and scalp for an hour before cleansing. Or, get the benefits of coconut oil and honey together with 100% Pure’s Honey & Virgin Coconut Restorative Conditioner.

Natural Treats to Pamper Your Hair at Home

3. Honey – The golden liquid is emollient and a humectant that deeply moisturizes hair, but it’s a little bit messy for a DIY treatment. The tgin Honey Miracle Hair Mask combines raw honey and olive oil in an all-natural formula that produces great results, without the sticky, hard word. Kriya Naturals also uses honey, along with papaya and aloe, in their High Porosity Cleansing Conditioner that cleans, while helping high porosity (dry) locks to stay soft.

Natural Treats to Pamper Your Hair at Home

4. Olive, Jojoba and Grapeseed oils – These three oils are all wonderful for hair. Grapeseed helps hair grow, olive oil protects hair from damage and jojoba is filled with vitamins that nourish hair. You can use any one of them for a DIY hot oil treatment (rub a generous amount into hair, add a warm wrap and sit for an hour), or you can try Yarok’s Feed Your Ends Leave-in Conditioner.  It not only works wonders on dry hair using all three oils. Bonus: the company donates funds to protect the rainforest.

No matter what treatment you choose, you are bound to emerge from months of sheltering at home with healthier, lovelier locks.

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