If ever there was a time to care for yourself, love yourself and embrace your dreams, this is it.

The pandemic has taken so much from us—whether it’s the loss of loved ones, opportunities, or simply time—this is the perfect and important moment for us to focus on our mental health. While everyone has experienced hard times these past two years, the pandemic has been a unique stressor impacting the health and overall well-being of Black women.

Yet, we have come a long, long way since the early days of 2020. Thanks to science, we have an effective  vaccine that is safe for us, more effective COVID-19 treatments, and we know how to boost our immunity to help protect ourselves and our families from the virus.

The next, and most valuable thing we can do for ourselves is to turn our attention to reclaiming joy, happiness and possibility in our lives.

Healing our hearts

For Black women, this past year has not only been one of pandemic-related trauma, there has been a national reckoning on racism unlike anything many of us have seen in our lifetime. While that means we have experienced many positive changes in the country, it also means we have been living with an almost daily public conversation about racism and witnessing racist incidents in the media. The public exploration of racism is necessary, but it is still traumatic. Acknowledging that can help to bring us peace. Notice the Rage, Notice the Silence, a podcast featuring therapist and author Resmaa Menakem, MSW, is perfect for understanding the impact of these feelings and how protect ourselves. Other great resources to help us through this difficult time include:

Once you have found your own path to a healthier, more balanced 2022, consider that it’s possible to let go of trauma and decide to be happy again.

Here’s to a happy new year and a healthier, new you!