By Cassie Groves  

 There’s an unspoken language in Black sisterhood — a look, a smile, a gesture that conveys a common struggle, a shared resilience. It’s a safe haven where we can be ourselves, where our stories are heard and our voices are celebrated without judgment. It’s the nod of understanding between Black women who have faced adversity, a silent acknowledgment that says, “I see you, I feel you and you’re not alone.”   

We met and became friends through a Corvette Club, but soon found that we were better off without that club because we could not withstand the cattiness, the shade, the negativity. The positive side is that it brought our circle together — eight women in their fifties and sixties, who love, laugh, line dance, travel, have silly game nights and, yes, even cry together. 

We cherish our time together whether it’s a cruise, a trip to Vegas, a cabin stay in the Smoky Mountains, a jazz festival or just a Thursday night in the living room with a bottle of wine playing Question in a Jar and having deep conversations. We inherently create positive spaces where laughter is contagious, support is unwavering and shared experiences become treasured memories.

We talk to each other and not about each other, and we admire and support what each of us brings to the circle: 

  • Kim, our motivator who sends us daily words of affirmations.  
  • Shauna, who never hesitates to break out in dance and whose strong spirit refuses to be broken.  
  • Theresa, our resident bartender and line-dance instructor. 
  • Michele, our beautiful model full of grace, who never fails to make us burst out in fits of laughter.  
  • Cindy, our short but sexy siren who tells us where to find all the best outfits.  
  • Cassie, the creative one who does our photo shoots and comes up with hilarious game night games.  
  • Michelle, our voice of reason and the one who gives it to us straight, no chaser. 
  • Jackie, our ball of fire who, on one hand, will sit in silence with you at your roughest times, but will also be the one to get a party started and keep it going. 

 In an era dominated by virtual interactions, Black sisterhood and sister circles are breathing life back into genuine, face-to-face connections. Circles like ours serve as intimate spaces where women can share their stories, dreams and challenges in a supportive and empathetic environment. 

The resurgence of connection is not just about the number of friends or followers, but about the quality of relationships formed in these sacred spaces. Finding sister circles can be a transformative journey that involves intentional efforts to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar values, experiences and a commitment to mutual support.  

The best advice I can give for finding a sister circle is to be the type of friend that you are looking for. There’s an old saying that goes “Show me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.” The idea behind the saying is rooted in the belief that the company one keeps is indicative of one’s own character, values and influences. 

Beyond the external challenges, a sisterhood circle is instrumental in fostering personal growth and well-being. It’s a space for self-discovery, self-care and the exchange of wisdom. Whether navigating professional challenges, personal relationships or self-esteem issues, having a sisterhood circle provides a supportive framework for growth. 

In a world often marked by division and discord, Black women are emerging as powerful agents of change, challenging and dismantling the stereotypes that suggest we don’t get along. The narrative that Black women are prone to conflict or rivalry is not only unfounded, but it is also being decisively rewritten by countless examples of unity and sisterhood like ours.

Life is short, so I encourage you to invest time and energy in relationships that foster bonds and bring you joy, love and support.  We invite you to take a page out of our book and celebrate and share your circle with the world and show how powerful Black sisterhood can be.