This weekend, draw on the strength and power of our ancestors. You’re guaranteed to walk a little taller after enjoying a visit to our illustrious past. Yes, we struggled and we strived, but our brilliant forebears have also helped us to thrive.

This year, take an active role in Black History Month and find out more about fierce and fabulous sisters from our past and present.

▪ Discover a new hero. Search this great history site to learn about black women who have shaped our world, like Rebecca Lee Crumpler, the first black woman to become a physician. Or click here to read about women who are making history every day.tumblr_lhdqqtDElt1qexvlco1_400

▪ Inspire a child. Share a story with a little girl or boy that will teach the child about the tremendous gifts African American’s possess and help them see how much they can accomplish someday. Start with the story of Kimberly Bryant, founder of Black Girls Code. She is working “to increase the number of women of color in the digital space,” by teaching sophisticated computer-programming skills to girls ages 7 to 17.

▪ Commemorate a community champion. Reach out to tomorrow’s heroes. We’re talking about the women who are making a difference in your church or volunteering at the local program for people who are hungry or homeless. Take a moment to thank them. Then see if you can lend them a hand.