Herbs are easy to grow and as good for you as they taste. This weekend is a perfect time to start an herb garden. You can keep herbs handy in a planter on a windowsill or deck. If you have the space, herbs make fragrant and beautiful additions to a garden. And while you’re at it, plant some baby lettuce!

To get started, head to your local gardening store for a bag or Miracle-Gro and some seeds. Here are a few herbs that will sprout in no time at all:

640px-Basilico_Genovese_di_Prà-2Basil: From pesto to Thai food, basil adds an extra something to any meal — even a simple tomato salad. Plus, it’s great for low iron levels, bloating, stress and even adult acne (when using cooled water that has been boiled with basil).

640px-MintMint: Mint grows like crazy! That means more mint for experimenting in dishes and beverages. Mint tea is a sensational stomach soother, whether your discomfort is from indigestion or cramps.

640px_parsleyParsley: Perfect for any dish, parsley strengthens the immune system, supports kidneys and helps keep blood pressure under control. It’s packed with vitamins A, B12, C and K.

Rosemary, dill, oregano and thyme take a little longer to grow. You can take a shortcut by purchasing starter plants, but you’ll miss the thrill of seeing herbs that you planted from scratch poke through the soil.

Photo: pixgood.com

Newborn baby lettuce. (Photo: pixgood.com)

Baby Lettuce for Salad in a Pinch

Falling into the “cut-and-come-again” category, baby lettuce isn’t just for one-time use. Rather than removing a head of lettuce, you take some leaves and come back for more. Baby lettuce is high in calcium and potassium as well as vitamins A and C.



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