found that between 50 and 60 percent thought it was no big deal to be alone on Valentine’s Day. In other words, ignoring all the hubbub is perfectly normal unless, of course, you truly enjoy the day. If you’re on your own:

away at the precious moments couples spend thinking about romance. To re-ignite the flame, begin by declaring a Valentine’s Day date night; an evening completely devoted to the pleasure of being together.

things that really matter to them, so open up. Share your hopes and dreams, or perhaps build a new dream together. It’s a great way to renew your interest in each other.

the Northeast, it’s great time to learn cross-country skiing or snowboarding. If you’re lucky enough to have warm weather this time of year, explore an unknown hiking trail. The idea is to drop your routine and discover something new together. Exploring life as a team reaffirms your connection to each other and fans the flames of romance.

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