Adding a few smart pieces to your wardrobe can help you look cool when it's cold. (Photo: SelectStock/Getty Images)

Adding a few smart pieces to your wardrobe can help you look cool when it’s cold. (Photo: SelectStock/Getty Images)

The mercury is dipping to record lows in most parts of country. Folks are shivering in Florida and Georgia and shoveling snow in surprising parts of the South, not to mention the bone-chilling temps in the Northeast.

The only way to deal with this weather is to bundle from head to toe, but what about those days when you just have to look your best? How do you stay warm on the day of the big meeting or a special night out? Adding a few smart pieces to your wardrobe can do the trick.

  1. Get Smart. Layering is the key to warmth, but bulking up can ruin a great outfit. The super lightweight, but strategically woven fabrics created by companies like Smartwool and Uniqlo are the perfect solution. By creating tights, socks, tees, camisoles and other gear that’s thin, but designed to hold and carefully distribute heat, Uniqlo’s Heat Tech line and Smartwool’s women’s clothing make it possible to stay toasty without looking like you’re wearing multiple layers. Check out WinterSilks for thigh-warming, woven silk leggings that are so thin you can slip them under a pencil skirt.
  2. Ditch the down. Down puffer coats keep out the cold, but they can be bulky and spark severe allergic reactions. You can still look fabulous in ski wear or for weekend nights out in thermoball synthetic fill coats from North Face and Marmot’s insulated jackets for women. Both lines come in great colors and a tailored fit. You do not have to inhale feathers or look like you’ve packed on 10 pounds to keep warm.
  3. Pull a hat trick. How do you protect a fabulous hairstyle when it’s 20 degrees? Wrap yourself in a soft, cuddly wool infinity scarf or snoodie. They are roomy enough to leave your curls intact, but they protect your neck and ears while holding in precious body heat.
  4. Try power leggings. If you’re sick of wearing corduroys every weekend, slip into a pair of fleece-lined tights or leggings. Soft and comfortable, they look great with over-sized sweaters and a great pair of boots.
  5. Pack some heat. Hand and foot warmers can be a girl’s best friend, especially if you have to step out into the cold in shoes, fashion boots (you can’t wear snow boots everywhere) or thin leather gloves. Pick up a stash of disposable hand or foot warmers or invest in a rechargeable hand warmer (for only $38) to use all winter long.

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