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What better way to spend the last, lazy days of summer than nurturing your spirit. Here are a few simple ways to satisfy your soul.

  1. Craft a book of prayer. Pick up an inexpensive journal with blank pages and begin to fill each page with things that are sacred and inspiring to you. Write down your favorite prayers, quotations you love or find calming, add photos of things that are beautiful to you such as waterfalls, flowers, the ocean, or your new grandchild. Just looking through the book should warm your heart.
  2. Tune out. Shut out the world for a few hours. Find a quiet spot at home and just breathe deeply, enjoy the peace, and think about things that make you smile.
  3. Forgive yourself. Whatever it is, let it go. We all make mistakes, no matter how well intentioned we are in our walk through life. Acknowledge that you are doing the best that you can at this point in life. Accept yourself where you are.
  4. Take care of yourself. Women, especially black women, are great at taking care of other people, but we so often neglect ourselves. Sit down with a pen and paper and take stock. Ask yourself: When is the last time you saw a doctor or dentist? How are you feeling emotionally? Make the decision to get help if you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed. Once you complete the list, pick the phone and book the pampering treatment of your dreams—a massage, facial, or luxurious scrub.
  5. Seek guidance and peace. Highly-respected Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield has written about how to find wisdom and peace in your life right where you are. In his book, Bringing Home the Dharma, he shares his lessons from 40 years of studying Buddhism.
  6. Follow momma’s advice. No doubt, she told you to “count your blessings.” We all have things to be grateful for, large and small. Spend at least an hour this weekend being thankful for friends, family, gratifying work, or just a beautiful day.

About Fierce Fridays — Tips for Weekend Well-Being

We each cherish those precious days off at the end of the week, but increasingly those of us who are charter members of the sisterhood of the stressed and overworked are losing our Saturday and Sunday leisure time to weekend work and domestic duties.

To make sure that you do something every weekend that’s just for you, we’ll be sharing a little advice to make those 48 hours a great time to recharge your batteries, bring a little good news into your life, or discover a quick and easy way to improve your health.