Getty: Reg Lancaster

Getty: Reg Lancaster

The holiday parties are over, you’re packing five extra pounds, the temperature is dipping, and it’s time to go back to work. No wonder some folks slip into depression in January and fight the blues right into spring. Here are a few ways to lift your spirits and actually enjoy the rest of the season

  1. Celebrate MLK Day by Helping Out. Volunteer to commemorate Dr. King’s legacy on January 18th in your community or check out the site Volunteer Match to find a way to brighten someone else’s day—and your own—anywhere in the United States. Or  visit the Martin Luther King Day of Service site.
  2. Become a Snow Bunny. January is national Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. Use this list to find a participating resort. There are great package deals available all over the country, so try a weekend getaway.
  3. Do Sundance. If you’ve got time to travel and you love film, the Sundance Film Festival kicks off in Salt Lake City, Utah on January 22nd and no, it’s not just for celebrities, though they are everywhere checking out each other and latest movies. Tickets to individual films are only $15 to $20, but book fast. They sell out in to no time.
  4. Eat Some Cheese. Yes, really. January 20th is National Cheese Lover’s Day, so try one of these indulgent, melt in your mouth recipes or check out local restaurants and fine food stores for tastings and specials.
  5. Lighten up. Dark mornings and short days increase depression for many during winter months, so invest in a little indoor sunlight to keep your spirits high. Try the Verilux Happy Lamp ($39.00) or the Sun Touch Plus Light and Ion Therapy ($69.00) to chase away the blues.
  6. Enjoy your home. Winter weekends were just made for snuggling under the covers or settling down in front of a roaring fire. So make a big pot of spiced apple cider, pick up a good book and relax.

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We each cherish those precious days off at the end of the week, but increasingly those of us who are charter members of the sisterhood of the stressed and overworked are losing our Saturday and Sunday leisure time to weekend work and domestic duties.

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