Mitzi White - Extreme Weight Loss

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How one woman overcame heartbreak, hoarding, and lost 114 pounds in 365 amazing days.

Mitzi White says it was God who placed her feet on the path to a new life, but some might say her blessings were a natural reward for always making time to help others in need. While struggling to lose weight, White checked out a YouTube video one day and found a ministry that focused on fitness. “I really had not thought about associating scripture with weight, but I thought I would give it a try.”

While she was attempting to tackle fat with faith, a friend asked her for a favor. “He asked me to just support him by going to apply for the TV show ‘Extreme Weight Loss.’” says the 54 year-old who lives in Dallas.

“I had no interest in the show, but I went along to stand in line with him. I filled out the paperwork and did the interviews like everyone else, just because I was there.” Happy that she had given her pal the support he needed to get his application in, White went back to own very private struggles — and hiding her own need for support.

“All my life, I’d believed my purpose was to help others before myself,” White explains. To her friends and co-workers at the non-profit where White guided homeless kids through difficult times, she was the woman with the wide, bright smile, who was there when someone needed a hand.