Getty: Cultura JM/PM

Getty: Cultura JM/PM

O.K., you’ve zoned out on Zumba, you’re seriously sick of spin class, and you don’t even want to think about retro workouts like step and kickboxing. No problem. Fitness experts all over the country have been coming up with entertaining ways for you to break a sweat and have some fun. Check your local gyms and exercise studios to see which one of these trends is available near you, or pick up a video and have a great time at home.

l. Get in the groove. Try this and you may party so hard, that you’ll forget you are exercising. The Groov3 workout is a “choreographed dance party,” made for people who love to dance or want to learn how to dance. Classes are available for all levels of skill and designed for “boosting confidence, building communities, and putting the fun back in fitness,” to the hottest music around. Groov3 was created by dancer choreographer Benjamin Allen who counts actor Drew Barrymore among his fans. Check the website for a class near you.

2. Rock on! Forget air guitar, the Pound Fit workout places drumming (complete with your own set of sticks) at the center of a high-intensity cardio jam. You work your body, while keeping the rhythm of the music. You can look for a studio near you or pick up the DVD set and nutrition plan ($89.99) and get fit and funky at home.

3. Tap it out. If you like Zumba, you will love Tapfit, This is for the at-home fitness buff, though there may be a class based on the concept at a gym near you. Otherwise, order the kit created by four sisters who were professional dancers who created a tap dancing-based workout that includes cardio, resistance training and body sculpting. The kit includes a portable tapping floor, taps that can be slipped onto your sneakers, and of course, great music. $39.99, three payments or $120.

4. Bow to the Barre. For a quieter, more graceful experience, find a perfect Barre workout. The Barre—an exercise regimen based on ballet—has been around a while, but new versions, like Barre Platform, available at Pure Barre studios around the country, adds to the challenge of the basic workout by upping the pace and adding a step.

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