Author Tamara Winfrey Harris recently asked for letters for black girls to share at an Indianapolis presentation.

Wait. I’ll let her tell you:

“Wow! I got so much more. You came through from Alameda, California, to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, to Lausanne, Switzerland. I got beautiful cards. I got hand-written letters. I got hand-crafted journals. I got unforgettable emails. And the words … I am inspired. I feel loved. I know that the girls who eventually read them will, too.

“With the help of two brilliant friends, I realized that my one-time effort deserves to be more. Black girls are under constant attack from racism and sexism. But they can survive. Better: They can thrive. Black women can help girls be healthy and whole if we approach them with love, honesty and vulnerability. There is no more powerful ally for a black girl than a former black girl.”

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