Spring is just right for being outdoors — bright and sunny, but not yet humid or hot. Tender new buds cropping up on trees and in flower beds are also bound to make you think of new beginnings. Here’s our Fierce list of favorite things to do on a gorgeous, spring weekend:

  1. Go to the fair or a farmer’s market. No matter where you live, spring is the time for street and county fairs or farmer’s markets. Make the most of the perfect weather; get out and enjoy!
  2. Be a tourist, at home. If you are like many people, you avoid the popular tourist destinations in your own backyard. But why not give them a try? You could be missing out on a great time.
  3. Make spring last forever. Preserve springs new blooms in lots of different DIY ways. Check out this list of easy, cheap flower craft projects. Some of them are also perfect to do with kids.
  4. Earn a few extra bucks. If you’re going to clean out your closet anyway, why not plan a garage or stoop sale. Remember, your trash may be someone else’s treasure, plus you’re sure to earn a few dollars to blow on a spring treat, Luxury facial anyone?
  5. Take an African-American heritage tour. Most major cities have a rich, and often hidden, chapter of African-American history. Walking tours are a great way to learn how our ancestors lived. Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, even London and Paris have African-American history tours. Go to Google, and check your location.
  6. Prepare your skin for summer. It’s not your imagination; the top layer of your skin thickens a little in winter months, leaving your skin dull and dry. Pick up a soothing scrub like Carol’s Daughter Brown Sugar Scrub or make your own. You’ll be soft and glowing in no time.
  7. Hit the court. Tennis is loads of fun and best to play when the weather is bright, but not too steamy. If you play, dust off your racket. If you want to learn, this is the perfect time.
  8. Ride the trail. Whether you have your own wheels or you rent a bike, it’s a great time to pedal along the local nature path or cruise to a nearby game reserve.
  9. Have a picnic. Summer picnics can be hot, steamy affairs shared with mosquitos, but spring is the ideal time to take a blanket to the park and enjoy a lovely lunch. Grab the girls, your lover, the kids or a great book and try one of these delicious recipes.
  10. Pick a color. Spring and summer clothes are beautiful, light and lots of fun. So add a color to your wardrobe that’s bound to lift your spirits. Try coral, teal, pink, yellow or turquoise; and don’t forget the accessories.