You can only get so far cleaning out closets and catching up on your reading list. Here are few things to help you feel relaxed, smile, and maybe laugh out loud, while staying safe at home.

1. Dance! – Like no one is watching, whether you are alone or not. Party to your own playlist or find some company online, it’s a great way to beat boredom. Do a quick search for DJs hosting online on any given day, or try:

Sippin’ T from the Boiler Room in London

DJ D-Nice – for his next Instagram dance party, #ClubQuarantine

DJ SkyWalker’s – Old School ’80s dance party.

2. Host Game Night – Whether you’re alone or home with the family. Sites like or Arkadium offer tons of options, including those that will keep kids busy for hours. If you’re a crossword or Scrabble fan, you can get everyone together online for Words With Friends.

3. Have a Watch Party – Snarky comments welcome! Netflix’s party feature allows you and your friends to live chat, while you watch a movie or binge-worthy series. Black-owned kweliTV invites you to “binge on the culture” — and gives a percentage of its revenue to the content creators.

4. Indulge. If you’re not already stocked up, order in your favorite pampering products and turn your bathroom into a day spa. Schedule some me time and enjoy a facial, a scrub, or a good soak in a hot bath, before giving yourself a gorgeous pedicure or manicure (if you’ve got skills of course).

5. Sip & Share. Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine and get together with friends and family virtually over video.

6. Do a DIY Makeover. This is the perfect time for that new look you wanted to try and You Tube offers all of the free, expert help you need. These beauty bloggers specialize in great looks at any age for our beautiful, brown skin:

Jackie Aina

Nyma Tang

Darbie Day (advice for women 50 and over)

7. LOL. Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine. Re-watch your favorite comedic films and sit-coms, or find some good stand-up. Check out iHeart Radio’s  24/7 Urban Comedy, Sirius XM’s free app with comedy channels or bits on YouTube. Try improv with your family. It’s OK to laugh out loud these days. Really!

8. Reschedule Your Meet-Ups. If your book club or another gathering was cancelled, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Continue online, or start something new like one family’s weekly Culture Club discussions and recommendations of everything from books to films on Instagram and Facebook.

9. Mix Up Your Menu. This is a great time to learn to bake (check out Yolanda Gampp on How to Cake It for her Easter Basket Cake!), try a  Mexican food recipe, or just make and old favorite that takes a little time. Friends will get a kick out  of seeing a photo of your handywork, even if they can’t taste it.

10. Reach out. And when you get sick of looking at screens, call loved ones and that old friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. You know, the one who always made you smile!

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Mae Jordan is a health and lifestyle journalist in Washington, D.C.