Love isn’t perfect, but it’s always interesting. You’ll find the same thing in these films on the road to romance. Some of them take complicated, funny or sometimes cringe-worthy ways to get there, but they all reach the destination. Is it love every after? Well, that’s another story.

Here are 20 new and old films with love themes in no particular order. What’s your favorite?

  1. The Photograph
  2. Love Jones
  3. Mahogany
  4. Queen & Slim
  5. Brown Sugar
  6. A Warm December
  7. Rafiki
  8. Love & Basketball
  9. Claudine
  10. Southside With You
  11. How Stella Got Her Groove Back
  12. Pariah
  13. Jumping the Broom
  14. Deliver Us From Eva
  15. Coming to America
  16. Nappily Ever After
  17. Jason’s Lyric
  18. Beyond the Lights
  19. Disappearing Acts
  20. Middle of Nowhere