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Michele Roberts: She's Got Game

"I don't live my life saying, 'What glass ceiling am I going to crack tomorrow?' What I have done is not worry about whether I am the only one, but worry about whether I am the best one."


Executive director of the National Basketball Players Association


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Work Your Body — and Mind

Kukuwa Kyereboah-Nuamah, who grew up in Ghana, says that her Kukuwa African Dance Workout will do more than tone your body. It's also a spiritual journey for your mind. Try her 15-minute workout!

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If you are ambitious and determined to become a professional success, choose a partner who has his or her act together. A new study from Washington University in St. Louis discovered that key traits in a marital...

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Love Your Kids … No Hitting Necessary

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To spank or not to spank — that’s an age-old parenting dilemma that is back in the spotlight after Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson beat his 4-year-old son with a switch. Journalist and...

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Fierce Fridays: Can’t or Won’t Get Away? Take a Staycation

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Fade to White? Black Editor’s Lawsuit Highlights Dwindling Media Diversity

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Imagine a dearth of African Americans at entertainment magazines when black...

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Our Children Fear Police, Do Not Feel Like Full Citizens

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A new study reveals the impact of tragic incidents such as the recent shooting...

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Protect Baby’s Health: Black Breastfeeding Week

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Black Breastfeeding Week is August 25–31. If you’re a new mom, commemorate the...

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Indulge: It May Help You Eat Healthier

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Combining not-so-healthy treats with good-for-you foods may improve your...

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