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10 Tips for a Heart-Healthy Life

Heart disease is a leading killer of women. Among African-American women ages 20 and older, 46.9 percent have cardiovascular disease. The numbers are daunting, but when it comes to heart disease, forewarned is forearmed. By following a few simple, effective methods of prevention, you can dramatically lower your risks and add years to your life.


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Fierce TV Celebrates Women’s History Month

Shining Star: Cynthia Cooper-Dyke is considered the female Michael Jordan. For Women's History Month, watch the WNBA legend and USC Trojans basketball coach on realizing your dreams while staying fit and fabulous. (Video by Trevor Campbell exclusively for Fierce TV)

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Mo’Nique Nears Weight Goal of Losing 110 Pounds

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Dr. Ro, Fierce’s new nutrition adviser, sits down with Mo’Nique to talk about the 92 pounds she’s lost and how she’s taking off even more weight, while focusing on her family and her new film. You could...

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Health News: Avoid E. Coli, Whoopi Fronts LBD Campaign & Grandparenting’s Brain Boost

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Your Cutting Board May Make You Sick  A new Swiss study of cutting boards used in homes and hospitals found that the boards were contaminated with dangerous, multidrug-resistant forms of the bacteria Escherichia...

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Fierce Fridays: Weekend Fat & Sugar Detox

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If you want to greet Monday morning with higher energy, glowing skin, a...

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Lose the Gut, Sculpt the Butt—Get a Healthy Body

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Known as the “Nigerian Powerhouse,” Anowa Adjah, A.C.E., is a master...

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Ledisi Sings Her ‘Truth’ With New Look & Attitude

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Ledisi Anibade Young is real and raw — revered as a down-to-earth sister born...

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15 Fiercest Sisters

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You’re fierce, and we’re fierce. But who’s the fiercest of them all?...

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Health News: Milk & Osteoarthritis, Light & Weight Loss, Stress & Infertility

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Got Milk? Prevent Knee Osteoarthritis Nothing cramps a sister’s style (and...

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Fierce Fridays: 5 Ways to Get Spring Allergy Relief

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Daffodils and crocuses are just beginning to bloom. The sun is bright, and all...

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Health News: Calories, Chocolate, Stress & Discrimination

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Protein Boosts Workout Calorie Burn If you’re looking for a way to get more...

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Fierce Fridays: The Art of Doing Nothing

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When I took an extra-early shuttle flight from New York to Washington for a...

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