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October …

… Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Brisk exercise for at least three hours a week can help reduce your risk of triple-negative breast cancer, according to the Black Women’s Health Study. Here are four options: 1. Biking or spin class 2. Race walking or running 3. Dance workouts like Zumba or salsa to raise your heart rate 4. High-impact aerobics and kick boxing


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Pivital Moment for "Genius"

"I'm hopeful to bring about real social change," says Stanford psychologist Jennifer Eberhardt, a 2014 MacArthur fellow. Eberhardt plans to use her $625,000 "genius" grant to study race and the criminal justice system.

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To commemorate Domestic Violence Awareness Month, this October, Linda Goler Blount, president and CEO of the Black Women’s Health Imperative, calls for change to make a difference in black communities. The...

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How Working Out Beats Depression and Stress

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If you’ve ever wondered if exercise could really help you beat stress, a new study has identified the way that breaking a sweat protects you from feeling anxious or depressed. Researchers from Sweden’s Karolinska...

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What the Ebola Epidemic Means to You

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[View the story "Ebola Update" on Storify] Color-enhanced electron micrograph...

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The first study to measure progress in life expectancy on a state-by-state...

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Creamy Healthy Smoothie and Light Summer Greens

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Black Women for Wellness Seek a Healthier L.A.

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Black Women for Wellness of Los Angeles began with baby steps: In 1997,...

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Choosing Our Hair Over Our Health

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A small study of black women, conducted at the University of Colorado in...

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Fierce Fridays: Enjoy the Super Foods of Summer

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Best Weight Loss Bang for Your Buck

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