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SUNSHINE, NOODLES, & ME TRAILER from Brian Shackelford on Vimeo.

Saving Our Breasts; Saving Our Lives

Breast cancer survivor Cheryl Ash-Simpson shares her courageous fight in the documentary “Sunshine, Noodles and Me,” shown in this trailer.

Learn All You Can
Keep up with the latest news on black women and breast cancer by visiting the websites of organizations such as the African American Breast Cancer Alliance, the Sisters Network, Inc. and the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. The groups also offer information on finding culturally sensitive support groups no matter where you live.

Learn how to protect yourself in “What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer Now.”

Holding Out for Mr. Right?

Lessons from Being Mary Jane & Dr. Love

”Should Mary Jane, or any woman, consider settling down (sort of) with Mr. “I just might be your last chance?” Absolutely not, says the “Modern Love Doctor,” Brenda Wade, Ph.D.

“If you buy into that theory, you are saying that you believe in a limited view of yourself, men and the world," Wade says. "If you have a limited view, it limits you in other ways. You may have children with limited views.”

Holding onto a relationship with someone who does not see your true value or meet your needs and desires may even have a negative impact on your health, Wade advises.

“If you are unhappy, it leads to stress and raised cortisol levels. It is not good for you on any level.” Click for more love lessons.

Investing in Yourself

A Gift That Keeps Giving

We're giving you the best that we've got, to paraphrase Anita Baker. You recognize our efforts, and so do our industry peers. We are the proud winners of a 2015 Clarion Award, an international competition held by the Association of Women in Communications. We also won a Salute to Excellence Award from the National Association of Black Journalists for our feature "Dealing With Dementia," written by our publisher, Yanick Rice Lamb.

Please support our efforts to take Fierce to a higher level. Your gift will support in-depth reporting on fibroids and other important topics, investigative pieces, training and fellowships to groom more health journalists and internships to nurture the next generation.

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