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Treating Ebola Patient

Sidia Rose was the first nurse asked to treat Ebola patient Michael Eric Duncan at Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. “As a nurse, I understand the risk that I take every day I come to work, and he's no different than any other patient that I've provided care for,” Rose told "60 Minutes." Read the rest of her story.


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Pivital Moment for "Genius"

"I'm hopeful to bring about real social change," says Stanford psychologist Jennifer Eberhardt, a 2014 MacArthur fellow. Eberhardt plans to use her $625,000 "genius" grant to study race and the criminal justice system.

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She’s a Survivor: Tiffany Sanders vs. Breast Cancer

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  Breast cancer helped Tiffany Sanders speak up more and put herself first. “It’s taught me how truly strong I am,” Sanders says. “It’s also taught me to communicate more about what I need.” Sanders was...

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Checking for Ebola in the U.S.

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Medical officials are trying to reassure U.S. residents concerned about the...

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Fierce Fridays: 5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Fall

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Culture and the Domestic Violence Conversation

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To commemorate Domestic Violence Awareness Month, this October, Linda Goler...

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