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By purchasing this great T-shirt, you help to support our efforts to research and cover important issues affecting black women's health, such as fibroids. This v-neck, fuchsia shirt is great to wear with jeans, shorts or stretch pants when working out. Click the photo to order, and join the Fierce Circle of Sisters!


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Whether you want to walk, run, dance, ski or talk about fibroids, finances or festivals, here's where you can connect with other women and experts, too. Sign up below on the right. You'll also be eligible for Fierce Finds — freebies, special offers, invites, sneak peeks and more!

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Work Your Body — and Mind

Kukuwa Kyereboah-Nuamah, who grew up in Ghana, says that her Kukuwa African Dance Workout will do more than tone your body. It's also a spiritual journey for your mind. Try her 15-minute workout!

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Great News — HIV/AIDS Rate Down in Black Women and Men

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Ageism, sexism and racism have been at the center of the controversy over Fox...

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Stress Plus High-Fat Food Equals Extra Pounds

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We have all had the desire to chow down on French fries or bury our troubles in...

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Beating the Mammography Loophole: Hidden Costs of the Affordable Care Act

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One of the great promises of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is that all women...

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