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Walk This Way!

The simple act of walking grew into a movement of 35,000 neighborhood walkers across the country in just two years, thanks to the efforts of Vanessa Garrison and Morgan Dixon, co-founders of GirlTrek.

Now 50,000 walkers strong, GirlTrek kicks of its official 10-week walking season on April 2. “Our goal is to get to one million GirlTrekkers by 2018,” Dixon says.

“We founded GirlTrek because black women in the United States are facing an unprecedented health crisis, 82 percent of us are over a healthy body weight,” Garrison adds. “Black women are dying from heart disease, diabetes, stroke, hypertension. It’s a crisis of epic proportions.”

Read Andrea King Collier’s article (below or above) to learn more about GirlTrek.

Fighting Sexual Harassment

Anita Hill’s Historic Voice for Women

Twenty-five years ago, Anita Hill helped to spark more attention to sexual harassment as well as a surge of women seeking political office.

In 1991, the then University of Oklahoma law professor was on the hot seat as she testified about unwanted sexual advances from her former boss, Clarence Thomas, during his Senate confirmation hearings for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Hill, now 59, is a University Professor of Social Policy, Law, and Women's and Gender Studies at Brandeis University. She has also used her legal expertise as an attorney in civil rights and employment.

A new generation is learning about Hill’s history-making testimony with the release of HBO’s Confirmation. “Scandal” star Kerry Washington portrays Hill and also serves as co-executive producer. Click here to read more.

Investing in Yourself

A Gift That Keeps Giving

We're giving you the best that we've got, to paraphrase Anita Baker. You recognize our efforts, and so do our industry peers. We are the proud winners of a Clarion Award, an international competition held by the Association of Women in Communications. We also won a Salute to Excellence Award from the National Association of Black Journalists for our feature "Dealing With Dementia," written by our publisher, Yanick Rice Lamb.

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