The Power of a Second Opinion

200274616-001Choosing your physician carefully is important. A recent study of more than 200 women with fibroids who had been told that they needed a hysterectomy found that after the women sought second or third medical opinions, only 7.3 percent of them actually needed surgery.

“Many women undergo hysterectomies for fibroids because they do not have enough information,” explains Nelly Tan, M.D., lead author of the study.

“It’s extremely important to see a physician who is experienced when it comes to treating fibroids.” advises Linda Bradley, MD, an internationally recognized surgeon who specializes in fibroid treatment. “Most obstetrician-gynecologists spend 70 percent of their time delivering babies. They may not have time to become experts in fibroid surgery.”

“Some doctors have a hammer and when it comes to fibroids, all they can see is a nail — a hysterectomy,” Bradley explains. “If someone tells you that you need a hysterectomy as a first treatment, put on your Jimmy Choo’s and walk out the door.”