We’re the midpoint of summer in all its heat and glory. Here are a few simple ways to make the most of it, because sometimes it’s the little things that make us smile!

  1. Celebrate summer inside and out by placing flowers from a garden on tables around your home. Studies show that flowers and plants lift our mood.
  1. Catch a lightning bug in your hand — and than let it go about its business. Seeing a firefly signals the start of the season for some summer lovers.
  1. Walk in the rain. Some parts of the country have been downright soggy, but many people consider it refreshing to walk in light or misty rain.
  1. Take a basket of fruit or your favorite munchies, and sit on a blanket with a special person in a park.
  1. Bring out your inner child. Grab a hula-hoop, jump rope or chalk for hopscotch, and go for it!

About Fierce Fridays — Tips for Weekend Well-Being

We each cherish those precious days off at the end of the week, but increasingly those of us who are charter members of the sisterhood of the stressed and overworked are losing our Saturday and Sunday leisure time to weekend work and domestic duties.

To make sure that you do something every weekend that’s just for you, we’ll be sharing a little advice to make those 48 hours a great time to recharge your batteries, bring a little good news into your life, or discover a quick and easy way to improve your health.


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