Dr. Ro’s Emotional Eating Plan: How to Understand What’s Eating You

Your cravings could date back to old experiences. (ThinkStock/Getty Images)

Step 2: Put It in Writing

Keeping a food journal is a crucial part of my F-15 Plan. Use whatever you like—a notebook, your smartphone, a spreadsheet on your laptop. It doesn’t matter what you use as long as you note a the important details, especially  why you have a craving. The “why” is important and, believe it or not, it could date back  to an old experience you had never identified as a connection to food.

When you find yourself craving food, take a minute to jot down the answers to these


▪ What am I craving?

▪ What am I feeling?

▪ Why am I feeling this feeling?

▪ How might I satisfy my craving without bingeing on a high-calorie food?