If you eat better, you’ll feel better. Right? At least, that’s what every nutritionist, blog and friend tells you. What do you do, then, about that craving you have for that slice of cake for dessert? Or that milkshake?

Some people may have God-given restraint; but if you’re like most, then maybe quitting cold turkey isn’t the easiest thing to do. Here’s something that food nutritionist Dr. Rovenia Brock learned: sticking to your diet is a mental game smartly-worded self-talk can help you win.

Here’s her Krispy Kreme Strategy:

  • Convince yourself that the food you crave, is the demon in your diet, then purge its warm, gooey memory from your psyche
  • Make your demonized food-fave disgusting, repugnant, and offensive in your mind. Think of it as an upset to your digestive system
  • Feel the uneasiness and discomfort of being too full of the food to the point that it becomes difficult to keep it down

You’ll be surprised how much less desirable your favorite dessert is after giving it a mental beating.

If you want more tips from Dr. Ro, join her 15 million pound challenge or check out her new book, the Final 15.