15 Fiercest Sisters of 2017

2. Tiffany Haddish — the Ultimate Girlfriend & Rising Star

By Sydney Davenport

“She Ready!”

This phrase takes on many meanings for comedian Tiffany Haddish. It’s her rallying cry, letting the audience know she is ready to have a good time. Her enthusiasm is infectious every time she is in the spotlight.

15 Fiercest Sisters of 2017

A selfie from “Girls Trip,” one of the highest-earning African-American films. (Photo: Universal Pictures)

As the breakout star of “Girls Trip,” she helped the film become the first produced, directed, written by and starring African Americans to make $100 million in ticket sales, reported BlackFilm.com.

Haddish’s performance skyrocketed her career and at times overshadowed that of her well-known co-stars: Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall and Queen Latifah.

Born in Los Angeles, Haddish has had a tough life, which she is unafraid to make the brunt of her jokes.

Haddish helped raise her four siblings and care for a disabled mom; lived in foster care; experienced bullying, abusive relationships and homelessness; and worked a long stream of jobs, including being the hype woman for Bat Mitzvahs.

She attributes her survival to comedy. In the beginning, humor was a way to avoid being hit, if she made her mother laugh. Now it has become a lucrative talent.

15 Fiercest Sisters of 2017Haddish is transparent about her experiences, because she hopes it will help others in similar situations to persevere and see that survival is possible.

“When I’m onstage, I know nobody can really hurt me,” she told “The View.”

“And if somebody does try to hurt me, I have a room full of witnesses to tell on my behalf what happened”

It is her ability to explain how she used comedy as her defense mechanism for deep-rooted problems that has endeared her to so many people while making them laugh.

15 Fiercest Sisters of 2017Kevin Hart, whom Haddish has called her Comedy Angel, has said that Haddish is a force as a comedian who demands to be heard and respected.

Since “Girls Trip,” Haddish has been the first black female comedian to host Saturday Night Live.” She also starred in her first Showtime comedy special, “Tiffany Haddish: She Ready! From the Hood to Hollywood,” and released a book titled “The Last Black Unicorn.”

For Haddish, it seems like there’s nowhere to go but up and that’s why this girl is Fierce!

“She Ready!”

Sydney Davenport is a writer based in Washington, D.C., and a frequent contributor to FierceforBlackWomen.com.