15 Fiercest Sisters of 2017

Danielle Poux is expanding her popular bakery, Danielle’s Desserts, with a new location in the heart of the nation’s capital.

Black girls rock — from the polls to the silver screen. We’re triple threats. We’re politically correct at the ballot box and refuse to waste a drop of the blood our ancestors shed for our voting rights. We take it to the streets and to the boardrooms. We dominate the courts, whether we’re attacking the law or a ball going 100 mph.

15 Fiercest Sisters of 2017

Roxane Gay, author of the best-seller “Hunger.”

We burn in the kitchen, and we can get technical, too. We take care of business and share the wealth, for we pull as we climb. We’re wellness warriors. We have healing hands. We listen to our Grandmas, ’cause we tell the truth and shame the devil. We’re geniuses, but everybody knows that. And we’re the greatest girlfriends, ever.

15 Fiercest Sisters of 2017

Chrissa McFarlane, founder and CEO of Patientory

We. Are. Fierce!

We embody the Fierce manifesto, which states in part: “To be fierce is to embrace all that’s wonderful about being a black woman. To live your dreams, celebrate your strengths and appreciate your true beauty. It means being confident and unapologetically you!”

Thanks to your input, here are 15 women who fit this description and made their mark on 2017. Their stories will inspire each of us in the new year and beyond!

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