You may know Fierce adviser and nutritionist Dr. Rovenia M. Brock from her regular appearances onThe Dr. Oz Show and The Meredith Vieira Show, or from her own health show, Heart & Soul, on BET. She has helped stars like Sherri Shepherd and everyday people alike drop millions of pounds, and now she’s sharing her best-ever diet plan in Lose Your Final 15.

Lose Your Final 15 is all about 15 days, 15 pounds and 15 servings. You can join Dr. Ro and other Fierce readers on our first phase, starting Monday, June 5, 2017. If you miss the date, you can still participate.

The plan is broken down into three, 15-day phases. In each phase, you will enjoy 15 servings of food per day. Dr. Ro teaches you to identify foods by their real serving size with easy at-a-glance charts and tables. You can then choose your 15 servings per day from the 45 delicious recipes developed by Dr. Ro to keep you satisfied and on track.

Beyond just diet, Lose Your Final 15 includes 15-minute meditation guides and exercise plans that fit into any schedule. With Dr. Ro as your guide, you will experience newfound vibrancy, health and happiness.

Check out the three steps below, and click this link to sign up for the challenge to receive personal support from Dr. Ro. Follow Dr. Ro and Fierce on social media for daily tips, and always check back here for invaluable information. Tell your friends and family. Let’s do this together! We challenge you!

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Drop 15 Pounds! Join Dr. Ro & Fierce for a 15-Day Challenge